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Finally on Twitter


I know I am fairly new to fully understanding social media, beyond simply a user. It is much different using social media as a profession, understanding its purpose and ways to leverage it, than simply using it for personal reasons. I feel like I have somewhat grown up with new media. I have been on Facebook since the beginning in 2004 in undergrad. It was simply for college students to stay in touch and to reconnect with friends from high school. Now it has a complete business side to it, that I did not fully understand until now. And by “fully understand”, I mean “partially understand”.


So, I thinking I finally understand the purpose of Twitter. At first I was confused at how one sentence can give you insight into someone else’s life. After talking to the ‘Smartest Man in New Media’ my friend Dave Almacy, he explained to me how he was on his way to an event out of town. He Twitted about it, and a friend in that town learned he was going to be in town and they were able to meet up for breakfast. He also showed me how I could ‘follow’ other industry experts and see what they spend their time doing. This could give me more insight into how these movers and shakers are evolving the world of PR/Marketing.


So, Twitter, here I come…Feel free to follow me.


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First Post

This is not my first blog. I have made several attempts at creating blogs about hobbies, work life, romantic life, regular/boring/nothingness life, but for one reason or another they didn’t stick. I am the girl who understood the importance and positive affects of journaling, but was never able to keep it up. I had many Christmases where I received an awesome notebook that would be great for journaling. I would write in the journal (many times a bright, flourescent, Lisa Frank notebook) for 3-4 days, then would quickly find other things to do.


For many reasons, this blog will have to be the one that makes it through. It is never out of laziness, and I would consider myself someone with a “stick-to-it-tiveness” personality, but something always happens that changes my line of thinking.


First rule in blogging, don’t start a blog if you don’t plan to continue it regularly and with new, interesting content. I plan to stick to that rule.

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