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Pepsi Gets a New Look

Branding is a big part of a successful company. Your brand is everything and for an established company like Pepsi Co., changing your logo is a big move. The new logo will be seen in stores early 2009. I personally, like the new logo. Even if you are a Coke drinker, you know the Pepsi logo. And what they did with the Mountain Dew look is very new age. Abbreviating to Mtn Dew, seems to be calling to a younger audience.

I heard a few people say the new logo looks similar to the Obama “Change” logo. Some friends and I were recently discussing how well the campaign has done with their branding, among many other things. I mean, basically anyone alive in America right now can spot the Obama logo with no text around it. I think that is the sign of a successful branding campaign.


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New iPod Touch

I am an electronics freak, I love new phones, TiVo, and my iPod. A new gadget is like a new toy to play with for 3 weeks. I always take my time to learn all of the new functions. At the same time, I try not to allow commercials and other forms of marketing to suck me into buying a cell phone every time a new, cool one comes out. Or in this case, an iPod.

There are damn near 50 generations of iPods. I bought a new iPod two years ago, so it is perfectly fine, up-to-date, and I was happy with it. Until…I saw the latest iPod touch commercial. They show all of the new applications you can download onto the iPod Touch, like the iPhone. You can play games by moving the iPod left and right or up and down.

“The built-in accelerometer actually responds to your movements, so you can tilt and turn your iPod touch to control the action. It’s perfect for racing games, where your entire iPod touch acts as a steering wheel, and for tap-and-tilt games such as Super Monkey Ball, in which your character rolls to your movements.”–Apple

If I had an extra $400 in my pocket, I would definitely be a proud owner of the new iPod Touch. See the Apple website for more info on the new iPod Touch.

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Favorite Things

Chicago Theatre

Chicago Theatre

I went to Chicago for the first time a few months ago. It was for work, but we definitely did it all. We had great food, an awesome hotel, and best of all we went to a Cubs vs White Sox game. Especially with my love of the Obamas, I love all things Chicago, my new favorite city.

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