Maxwell New vs. Old

Maxwell Old School

Maxwell Old Schoolvs.Maxwell New School

Maxwell makes incredible music and is an incredibly sexy man. So when he finally announced his comeback, I don’t think anyone doubted his success. He has been very missed. But I truly can’t figure out which Maxwell I prefer. Looks-wise I am partial to the old school, neo-soul brotha who just rolled out of bed looking that fantastic.
I got his latest album last week on the way to visit my sister in upstate NY. It was a short flight, but I listened to it 3 times in a row. I love it. Now that I am a mature woman of 25, I believe I truly understand what he is talking about now. But, nothing will ever take away the pure feeling of listening to his songs slowly creep into the “love” scene in Love and Basketball. Being the ripe age of 17 when that movie came out, it was all still a fantasy to me. Love was this fabulous thing that Maxwell’s music was simply put, a necessary piece of the puzzle. The memories I have with Maxwell as the soundtrack are extensive.
Its a tie! I couldn’t possibly choose. I am just happy he is back.
Plus, he has totally taken advantage of the giant that is Twitter. He is doing an amazing job of marketing himself to a new generation and reconnecting with the old. @_MAXWELL_ Glad you are back.

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