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24 Million Strong

It is now being reported by Rock the Vote that more than 24 MILLION people ages 18-29 voted in the election. This is amazing and shatters every previous record set. This makes me so proud. We are inheriting this country and we need to lead our society in the right direction.


And I believe that the one thing that truly jump-started the passion for President-Elect Barack Obama, whom majority of young people voted for, was the Yes We Can video by It has been viewed on You Tube more than 13 million times. Half of that was probably my roommate and I watching it 10 times in a row every day since it post. I think a big thing that Obama’s campaign did was spoke the same language as young people. Music is always a route to getting young people interested in something, plus the celebrities in the video doesn’t hurt.


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Mr. President

Mr. President

Barack Obama will be our next President of the United States. I have never felt this proud, excited, joyful, and hopeful all at the same time. I have real HOPE for our nation and the world.


Politico, the best media in D.C., has begun their new strategy for covering the D.C. news, Politico 44. They will be doing minute-by-minute coverage of the President. They have a daily calendar of his political movements, stories that cover everything Obama, and it is all on one page. Some of the links go to, one of their many blogger pages, photo slideshows, videos, or a traditional news article. Politico has taken the idea of New Media and elevated it to a whole new level. Politico has become my first stop for political news.

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September 11th

Today is September 11th, unfortunately a day that will be remembered forever. I was a senior in high school on September 11, 2001. I was a shallow 17 year old at the time. But I feel the same pain in my heart today, as I did 7 years ago. Only today it is more subtle.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who lost someone on that day in NYC, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

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4th of July!!! Independence Day

I grew up in Texas, where we barbeque 24/7. But 4th of July is one of the best days for good food all year. In my opinion, good holidays are all about food or possibility of gifts. Of course, the “spending time with loved ones”, is great too, but food is truly the best part.

Another part of Independence Day that is wonderful is, the history. They have had countless historians on the morning shows today. There was nothing more upsetting, than the day I found out that my suburban, public school system had been lying to me all my life about the history of this country. It wasn’t until I was in college that I found out the truth about majority of the history of America. And it all began to make sense.

On the Early Show, there was a historian, Kenneth C. Davis, answering basic questions about Independence Day. All his answers were different than what I thought was the truth. His book, America’s Hidden History, will definitely be a book I will plan to skim through. Of course, who says his research is correct, but I will appreciate another account of history.

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