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Maxwell New vs. Old

Maxwell Old School

Maxwell Old Schoolvs.Maxwell New School

Maxwell makes incredible music and is an incredibly sexy man. So when he finally announced his comeback, I don’t think anyone doubted his success. He has been very missed. But I truly can’t figure out which Maxwell I prefer. Looks-wise I am partial to the old school, neo-soul brotha who just rolled out of bed looking that fantastic.
I got his latest album last week on the way to visit my sister in upstate NY. It was a short flight, but I listened to it 3 times in a row. I love it. Now that I am a mature woman of 25, I believe I truly understand what he is talking about now. But, nothing will ever take away the pure feeling of listening to his songs slowly creep into the “love” scene in Love and Basketball. Being the ripe age of 17 when that movie came out, it was all still a fantasy to me. Love was this fabulous thing that Maxwell’s music was simply put, a necessary piece of the puzzle. The memories I have with Maxwell as the soundtrack are extensive.
Its a tie! I couldn’t possibly choose. I am just happy he is back.
Plus, he has totally taken advantage of the giant that is Twitter. He is doing an amazing job of marketing himself to a new generation and reconnecting with the old. @_MAXWELL_ Glad you are back.

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Twitter Explosion

Am I the only person who has received an increasing amount of new followers on Twitter in a short period of time? I have not been the best at keeping up my Twitter status since joining last year. I went several months without receiving any new followers and in the last 3 days I have received several, some friends, family and old colleagues and some completely random people and small businesses trying to market themselves. Maybe it is just because I am trying to become more active on Twitter, or maybe it is blowing up.

The Social on CNET is reporting that Twitter grew more than 1,300 PERCENT in ONE YEAR. Nielsen credits a large



part of Twitter’s success to its mobile accessibility. Twitter has received an insane amount of press in the last few months. The ladies on The View discuss “tweeting” every day on their show. Twitter has taken over the world.

Feel free to follow me (@Keosha). I will do my best to update more than every 3 months.

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To Tweet or NOT to Tweet

When not to Tweet. Some people just don’t know when to keep their opinions to themselves.

Excited about his job prospect, he Tweeted:

Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.

Of course, because he is not the only person on Twitter, an executive from the company responded:

Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.


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Job Search: Part Deux


No one really wants to hear anymore about how impossible it is to find a job in this market. Anyone looking for a job is obviously well aware of the difficulty involved in finding a job and what compromises are necessary to simply get a paycheck. There are thousands of books on giving advice on how to make your resume stand out on the hiring manager’s desk. These days, you would be lucky if someone took the time out to print off your resume. Now, you simply get one click and scroll of the mouse. You have to convince that person to just open your email.

New Media has definitely changed the game for finding a job in 2009, especially if you are looking for a job within the Communications/Marketing/PR industry.  You are expected to be on the forefront of the social/new media. There are a few essentials to revamping your “first impression”.

LinkedIn, the professional networking site, is an absolute necessity to making the best first impression. I think it is a certainty that the employer will search for your profile. Because most communications professionals are present on the site, I believe it would make a weird impression to not have a profile.  As everything you do, there shouldn’t be any major misspellings or errors, but I don’t believe you NEED a robust profile. You just need to have A profile.

Carbonmade is a digital portfolio website. You are lucky if you get the interview in order to show your portfolio to the hiring manager. So, uploading your writing samples, graphic design pieces and press clipping to the website and add your personalized link to your resume. Giving everyone a chance to get to know your work style and experience before meeting you. And, like most other services, it is FREE. See mine here, Digital Portfolio.

VisualCV, is a really impressive website. It gives you the opportunity to have a flashy resume, complete with your portfolio, videos and any other fireworks you want. My sister, who just completed her Master’s studies soon, sent this to me. She has been in school her entire life, but doesn’t have much “real world” experience. So, her VisualCV gives her the opportunity to show off her skills and portfolio in an amazing fashion to make up for her lack of work experience. See the IMPRESSIVE samples here. One of my favorites.

I am sure there are many more that I do not know about. Please send comments on other sites that can help with job search “First Impressions”.


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Fancy Couch-Feline’s not included

Craigslist is a great tool and in a city like Washington, D.C., you use it for everything. I found my current roommate on Craigslist. In many areas around the country this could be a risky move, but D.C. is a city that takes full advantage of “The List.” (I don’t know anyone that calls it that, but I thought it was funny.)

Well, I recently went searching around on the Craigslist Blog and found that they basically post the craziest posts they get. This is a great place to witness how CRAZY people are. Would you purchase this couch? I mean, it is obviously comfortable, right?

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Natural Disasters on Twitter

Courtesy of Twitter

Courtesy of Twitter

People were announcing the earthquake that happened in California earlier this week literally the minute it happened. In the Twitter graph above it shows that people were Tweeting about it literally 9 minutes BEFORE the Associated Press reported on it. NBC News announced it within 5 minutes of the quake, which is how I found out about it. It would’ve been great if my dad was on Twitter, so he could have updated his status and told me he was ok, rather than me dialing his number repeatedly for 20 minutes, continuously getting busy signals.


During the horrific quake in China this summer, Twitter was again the outlet that allowed people to inform the world about the terrible earthquake that took the lives of so many several minutes before the news reported it. New media is allowing the average person or the world traveler to become a news reporter. Twitter as Newswire?

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PR Uses for Facebook

While making my transition from simply a personal user to a professional user, I am learning how to use platforms like Facebook for more than catching up with long-lost friends from middle school. I know that marketers can use Facebook to reach the college-aged group. Companies can use marketing tools to find the exact group you are looking to reach and then tell them about events or products, specifically aimed at the 20s age group. But, I have found this great article that gives many other ways you can use Facebook for public relations purposes. Jon Greer, Catching Flack blog, lists way PR pros have used Facebook.


“For instance, there’s an incredible group on Facebook called “If I can help a reporter out, I will.” It’s run by a New York PR guy named Peter Shankman, and it revolves around a marvelously simple concept: Peter fields inquiries from journalists seeking sources, he posts the requests, you reply back to him if you can help the journalist, and he puts you two together. it has been likened to ProfNet, which runs on a similar idea, but a) ProfNet costs money for PR people to join and b) there’s no honest broker in the middle of ProfNet.”


You can create or join an affinity group. There are multiple PRSA local chapter groups, as well as local PR Meet and Greet groups. There is also a reporter who is requesting people to write their story pitches on his Wall, because all story pitches shoudl be clear and transparent. These are all ways that I had not thought of and has given me ideas of ways to use Facebook for PR and has opened my mind to think of new ideas.

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