There Are No Words

Honestly, we all have times in our lives when we are not laughing a lot, but that is why God created these people, just to put a smile on my face. I have truly never laughed so hard in my life. I then called my sister to spread the joy. There are no words to describe this. Go to Awkward Family Photos to get the full effect and be sure to read the captions. I can’t believe people would actually frame these photos. Here is just a taste…




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Favorite Things

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker

Since coming back from Paris last year, I have been completely obsessed with Josephine Baker. I really see her as a strong woman who really owned her sexuality. She was also a great performer. Plus she was a part of the group of Black Americans who no longer wanted to put up with the racism and double standards of the U.S. in the 20s and 30s and moved to Paris. It is rumored that Paris was a color-blind city. As I have looked into this, there are a lot of mixed messages on if this is true, but nonetheless, I loved it. Every day I think about when I can go back.

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My Favorite Person


Lenny Kravitz is definitely my favorite person in the world. I love everything about him. Anyone that knows me, knows my love for Lenny is a LARGE part of my world. Lenny played photographer for Russian Vogue. He photographed some of his closest friends and family, including his daughter Zoe, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Lionel Richie.





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And Two Seconds Later

So, two seconds after I posted about Zappos CEO (@zappos), Tony, being super popular on Twitter, Ashton Kutcher (aplusk) goes and its 1 million followers. See, it wasn’t that I didn’t know that was happening, I just meant Tony is really funny. He, to me, is definitely the funniest guy on Twitter and definitely has a following. I saw last night that his cat (@el_gato) also has a Twitter account, which is equally funny.

So, just for the record, Ashton is obviously the King of Twitter, but Tony is freakin’ hilarious.

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Prom King of Twitter

@Zappos is definitely the most popular person I have heard of on Twitter. When I first heard this, I was a bit confused. Why would a CEO of a major company be s0 popular? The leaders of Corporate America are not usually the coolest people. Well, I finally got around to looking him up. I only read two of his updates before quickly hitting the “Follow” button.

He is the funniest guy ever. He is young and the leader of a pretty cool company. I went straight to their company blog to get a feeling for their culture. The are definitely laid-back, young and exciting. The first picture I saw on their website was of a bunk-desk. Two desks made out of bunk beds, with an employee diligently working two inches from the ceiling. Just the look alone was enough to make you fall out of your chair hilarious.

He has a post about being challenged to a dance-off by one of his friends’ kids, accompanied by a photo of the kid in his victory glory. I am jumping on the bandwagon. I vote CEO-Tony for Prom King of Twitter.

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Finding Your Passion

First stop to finding a passion, Barnes & Noble…right?

Books suggested by friends or blogs:

parachute-book1. What Color is Your Parachute? 2009: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career Changers

By: Richard Nelson Bolles

I have heard amazing things about this book. It has a workbook in the back to begin pointing you in the direction of your calling.

career-renegade2. Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love

By: Jonathan Fields

I heard this book is very motivating and is full of resources.

my-so-called-freelance-life3. My So-Called Freelance Life

By: Michelle Goodman

It has crossed my mind once or twice to do some freelance work, but mostly I just want to read this book judging by its amazing title. Huge fan of the show, got it on DVD.

anti-954. Anti 9-5 Guide, Practical Career Advice for Women Who Think Outside the Cube

By: Michelle Goodman

I am not really anti-9-5, quite honestly I didn’t hate the corporate life. I like a structured environment. Maybe in 20 years I will hate it as much as everyone else.  This is directed at women, so I will let you know how it goes.

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Quite Possibly the Funniest Thing Ever…

I miss Jack in a Box. None here in D.C. Not the best food for your health, but I would kill for two Monster tacos and a chocolate shake.

I remember the days when you didn’t call your competition out directly in your advertisements. Standing directly in front of their store and threatening violence, not the classiest thing ever, but this is hilarious.

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